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Anti-Stupak/Pitts Amendment NYC Rally & Video

NOW NYS mobilized local activists on Dec 4th in NYC to stop Stupak/Pitts-like Amendments, banning abortion coverage, that may be included in the Senate Health Care Reform package.  Before the rally, I spoke with Bill Baird, founder of the Pro-Choice League who established the nation’s first abortion referral center in 1964, and was jailed for defending choice.  Hearing about a women dying in his arms as a result of a coat-hanger abortion was chilling.  Never Again.  Video coverage, provided by Peoples’ Movement.

Huge thanks to NOW-NYS for inviting me to speak and for organizing 🙂

VIEW VIDEO HERE- Select speeches marked below

* Erin Matson, Action Vice President, National NOW
* Marcia Pappas, President, NOW-New York State
* Sonia Ossorio, President, NOW-New York City (13:02)
* Julie Kirschner, Co-President, Brooklyn/Queens NOW (15:46)
* Rachelle Suissa , Co-President, Brooklyn/Queens NOW
* Marilyn Fitterman, Former NOW NYS President (15:15)
* Mary Richmond, President, Albany Area NOW (17:40)
* Zenaida Mendez, President, National Dominican Women’s Caucus (16:50)
* Jerin Alam, Chair of Young Feminist Task Force for NOW-NYS (18:13)
* Debra Sweet, Director of The World Can’t Wait (23:47)
* Maretta Short, President, New Jersey NOW (20:03)
* Sandy Rapp, Feminist Performer (2:20)
* Author Bill Baird, Abortion Rights Pioneer (9:31)
* Gaby Moreno, Secretary of NOW-NYS (22:59)
* Trudy Mason, NYS Committee Woman
* Betty Maloney, Radical Women (27:00)
* Meredith Villano, Co-Founder & Director, Paradigm Shift: NYC’s Feminist Community (29:10)
* Michelle Burns, Clinic Escort (32:23)
* Woman who had TTTS, and had to abort twins (34:22)
* Deputy Press Sec, Sen Schumer’s office (35:09)

Bill Baird, abortion rights pioneer & Meredith Villano, Paradigm Shift Co-Founder & Director

Bill Baird, abortion rights pioneer & Meredith Villano, PShift Co-Founder/ Director. photo courtesy of J. Alam

National Equality March- the entire Rally!

Trailor: “Age of Stupid”

The Age of Stupid USA Trailer from Age of Stupid on Vimeo.

The “Age of Stupid” is having its global premiere 7:30pm on Monday, September 21st with a live “green carpet” event in the city that will be simultaneously broadcast to multiple cinemas across the globe, including the following Manhattan cinemas:  (Union Square Stadium 14, Chelsea Cinema, First And 62nd Cinemas) The film has already garnered some great press, and individual contributions funded it!  It is screening in most major cities in the states, so everyone can come out- but they should try and reserve
seats online in advance.  Kofi Annan will address the audience at the premiere.

Not in New York City? Check out how you can see the film here!

A Hunger for Something More

The founder of F.R.E.E.D. talks about her struggle with and recovery from bulimia, as well as what she is doing now to help others struggling with eating disorders.

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“Thin” promo

Lauren Greenfield’s documentary Thin goes inside of an eating disorder recovery center.

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Mental Health Liberation and Anti-Psychiatry Movement Part 1

Dr. Breeding explains what the anti-psychiatry movement is and the ideals that drive the movement.

Viewer Feedback:

What possible links do you see between the anti-psychiatry movement and feminist values?

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Beauty Mark: Body Image and the Race for Perfection (Educational Edition)- Trailer

This Media Education Foundation production gives an intimate look at the fear that drove one woman’s anorexia and exercise bulimia.

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Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls

This video is a Media Education Foundation production based on the feminist psychology classic Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher, Ph.D. Reviving Ophelia focuses on the mental health of young women and the factors that influence their development.

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The Female Body & The Psychology of Eating Disorders :: Part 1

Professor John Breeding, Psychology Ph.D. contextualizes eating disorders within societies in which 1.) unhealthy and unrealistic expectations are placed on women and 2.) few people know what is healthy or natural in regard to eating.

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The Female Body & The Psychology of Eating Disorders :: Part 2

Dr. Breeding discusses the connections between power dynamics and eating habits.

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