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Paradigm Shift NYC is the New York City metro-area’s critically acclaimed and largest feminist community group and event series. We’ve produced over 45 sold out lectures, discussions, screenings, and performances featuring leaders in feminist thought, that range from artists and academics to filmmakers and policy activists. Paradigm Shift NYC events challenge and inspire attendees to contribute to the feminist movement by providing a unique and welcoming platform for expression and coalition building. In early 2011, Berkeley College commissioned Paradigm Shift to produce a four-part webinar series on domestic violence, LGBTQ community building, and creating sexual empowerment. We have partnerships with over 220 progressive organizations. TimeOut New York named Paradigm Shift “Critics’ Pick” on 12 occasions, an unprecedented honor among progressive organizations.  Meredith Villano, Co-Founder and Director, was honored by Feminist Press “40 Under 40: The Future of Feminism”.


“Paradigm Shift is situated to be at the center of feminist organizing for this new era of activism. It is now the place I go for information on all things feminist in New York City.”
Michael Kimmel, PhD: Sociologist, Author, Paradigm Shift’s “Feminist Men: Increasing Visibility” panelist and “Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men” featured lecturer

“I first worked with Paradigm Shift in 2009 for a screening of “I Had an Abortion”, a doc I made with Gillian Aldrich. The event was intimate, political, comfortable, and perfectly curated – from the venue, to the bookseller (Bluestockings), to the diverse feminist crowd. Now I can’t believe I lived 16 years in NYC without Paradigm Shift. I love the events, the community, and the mission!”
Jennifer Baumgardner, Activist, Author & Filmmaker

“Paradigm Shift is on the cutting edge of our feminist community. Committed to inspired outreach, their programs are a gift to the common good and women everywhere.  Meredith Villano is an extraordinary and imaginative director who galvanizes discussion and activism.  I am grateful my play, Dangerous Territory, was produced by Paradigm Shift for a splendidly diverse audience, followed by a deep-reaching conversation led by Jamia Wilson.”
Clare Coss, Playwright, Psychotherapist & Activist

“Vital and brilliant, generous and bold, Meredith Villano and her allies assure us all a feminist future — highlighted by justice, freedom, friendship and the best festivities!!!”
Blanche Wiesen Cook, John Jay College & The Graduate Center, CUNY
Author, Eleanor Roosevelt vols I, II, III forthcoming

“An excellent way to be heard and meet other people interested in making a difference.”
– Christina Berkley, Paradigm Shift community member

“Good for the feminist soul.”
– Laura Joy, Paradigm Shift community member & featured musician turned staff volunteer

“Thank you so much for having this event. I found it intriguing, touching, and I thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by such informed, knowledgeable, talented, and creative human beings. You where all amazing and beautiful……….unique, courageous.”
– Kris, attendee- Artist Showcase: Celebrating the Work of Feminist Artists 4/21/10

“Absolutely wonderful. The talent was so great and my hope is that their voices get heard by broader and broader audiences. Thanks for putting this together!!”
– Lauren, attendee- Artist Showcase: Celebrating the Work of Feminist Artists 4/21/10

“The energy in that room was amazing! Definitely an event I will remember.”
– Jennifer Ortiz, attendee- Artist Showcase: Celebrating the Work of Feminist Artists 4/21/10

“I had an awesome time… thanks again for having me! it felt amazing to be able to perform in such a warm atmosphere, and glad to have met some new friends :)”
– Chantilly Waryck, Paradigm Shift featured musician- Artist Showcase: Celebrating the Work of Feminist Artists 4/21/10

“Outstanding meetup. I was really, really impressed by all the speakers.  I would say that the openness and compassion that ran through the views presented in this meetup were wholly feminist.”
-Ayres Terry, attendee- Sex Work & Human Rights: Feminist Advocacy Strategies 3/30/10

“This talk was awesome! Great job!
– Lisa Fabrega, attendee- ‘The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women’ a Discussion with Jessica Valenti, Author & Feministing.com Founder/Editor 2/23/10

“This event was excellent! Kudos to Paradigm Shift and Jessica”
– David Benzaquen, attendee- ‘The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women’ a Discussion with Jessica Valenti, Author & Feministing.com Founder/Editor 2/23/10

“A thought provoking and vulnerable film followed by a panel of powerhouses. A great experience.
– Christina Berkley, attendee- Sex. Consent. Power. Pleasure.  “The Line” film screening & panel 12/1/09

“Met some really nice people…had some, INTERESTING conversations!
– Colleen O’Leary, attendee- Progressive Single Mingle: A Cocktail Party for the Left-Leaning 11/19/09

It was a great panel and an awesome way to be in the company of like-minded people. It can be hard to meet up with others for the sake of discussing feminism, let alone feminist men, and this was really great. I look forward to the next event.
– Aviva Jaye Mitchell, attendee- Feminist Men: Increasing Visibility 8/19/09

– Sally, attendee- “The Sari Soldiers” Documentary Screening & Discussion with Filmmaker Julie Bridgham 7/22/09

This was a wonderful event- a nice discussion and respectful atmosphere.
– Erin Byrnes, Paradigm Shift community member turned volunteer staffer after attending Roe vs. Wade Anniversary “I Had An Abortion” Documentary Screening & Discussion with Filmmakers Jennifer Baumgardner, Gillian Aldrich 1/21/09

“Really an inspiring/inspired evening – I’m very glad I found this group 🙂
– K Peaceweaver, attendee- Feminist Entrepreneurship: No Glass Ceiling to Smash and Open Mic 1/25/08

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