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1.23.11– The Chronicle of Higher Education – “In Feminist Immersion Program, Students Bond and Thrive”

4.18.10– New York Daily News- “Artist Showcase: Celebrating The Work of Feminist Artists”

3.24.10– Time Out New York- CRITICS’ PICK, print endorsement (our 6th time!)- “Sex Work and Human Rights: Feminist Advocacy Strategies”

2.17.10– Time Out New York- CRITICS’ PICK, print endorsement- “The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women” A Discussion with JESSICA VALENTI, Author & Founder/Editor

1.09.10– The Feministing Five: Meredith Villano- Interview with Paradigm Shift Co-Founder & Director

11.26.09– Time Out New York- CRITICS’ PICK, print endorsement- “Sex. Consent. Power. Pleasure.”

11.23.09– 12.01.09- WBAI-FM Radio endorsements- “Sex. Consent. Power. Pleasure.”

11.19.09– Time Out New York- CRITICS’ PICK, print endorsement- pg. 130 “Progressive Single Mingle”.

10.08.09– Time Out New York- “The National Equality March: We’ll help you get there”, Paradigm Shift mentioned as a NYC organization marching for LGBTQ rights. Paradigm Shift was part of the NYC National Equality March Mobilization Coalition endorsement “Feminist Men: Increasing Visibility”

8.13.09Time Out New York print endorsement CRITICS’ PICK/ Best-By-Day- pg. 46.  “Feminist Men: Increasing Visibility”

01.22.09 WBAI-FM’s  “Women , Body, Soul” Interview with Gillian and Samantha Levine’s, NARAL-NY Director Marketing and Media Relations Paradigm Shift event speaker and event partner speaking on reproductive justice issues & personal abortion stories discussed at Paradigm Shift’s Jan. 2009 Roe vs. Wade event

03.01.08 Time Out New York Print Article Download the print version of the Time Out New York Article featuring the Half Way to MichFest Party, sponsored by Paradigm Shift and Elle*Eye Design!

Time Out New York- CRITICS’ PICK! Catch our full page article on the Half-Way to MichFest Soiree in the 2.28.08 issue of Time Out New York

Press Release Staceyann Chin & Nedra Johnson to perform at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival Half-Way Soirée 
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