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Featured Speakers

Amy Richards, Activist & Author
Annmarie Agosta, LCSW
Audacia Ray, co-founder of Sex Work Awareness
Ben Siegel, Former VP of Hunter College Women’s Rights Coalition
Dr. Carol Roye, EdD, RN, CPNP, researcher in reproductive health
Christina Cicchelli, columnist, $pread magazine
Corinne Carey, Interim director, Reproductive Rights Project, New York Civil
Liberties Union (NYCLU)
Ducky Doolittle, Author & Sexual Health Advocate
Erin Burrows, Students Active For Ending Rape (SAFER)
Gillian Aldrich, Filmmaker
Ignacio Rivera, Sex Educator, Organizer & Performance Artist
Jennifer Baumgardner, Activist, Author, Filmmaker
Jenn Proulx, Filmmaker of “Another New Yorker for the Reproductive Health Act”
Jerin Alam, Co-Founder, National NOW Young Feminist Task Force & Hunter College Women’s Rights Coalition
Jesse Epstein, filmmaker
Jessica Valenti, author and founder and editor
Joanne Morton, FCW Society
Joseph Samalin, Men Can Stop Rape, Campus Strength Coordinator
Julie Bridgham, Filmmaker “The Sari Soldiers”
Leora Tanenbaum, Author
Marti Kheel, Phd., Author & Scholar
Maryse Mitchell-Brody, co-founder, Sex Workers Action New York (SWANK)
Perri Birney, Author
Rev. Matthew Westfox, National Coordinator for Field Services at Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice & Associate Pastor at All Souls Bethlehem Church
Melissa Gira Grant, External Relations Officer, Third Wave Foundation
Dr. Michael Kimmel, world-renown gender studies scholar
Nancy Schwartzman, Filmmaker of “The Line”
Pauline Delage, French Feminist Scholar
Robert Brannon, Co-Founder, National Organization for Men Against Sexism
Shelby Knox, feminist activist, featured in the film “The Education of Shelby Knox”
Sienna Baskin, Esq., Staff Attorney, Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center
Suzanne Willett, star & producer of off-Broadway one women play “Feminazi”
Tanya Osborne, Independent Financial Services Professional at Primerica Financial Services
Veronique Marchal, AND…ACTION!
Vinnie Angel, Feminist & purveyor of social justice consumer products
Will Rockwell, editor, $pread magazine
Featured Performers
Amber Darland, Musician
Bastet, experimental belly dance troupe
Barnacle Bill, Folk/Soul/Reggae band
Bitch, Musician
Chantilly, singer-songwriter
Erika Kulnys-Brain, Musician
Filty, Rapper
Inky Glass, Musician
Jenn Friedman, Musician
Jennifer Ortiz, spoken-word poet
Julia Weldon, musician
Juliana Marx, Musician
Katina Douveas, spoken-word poet
Laura Joy, Musician
Ms.India.M, musician
Nedra Johnson, Musician
NYC’s Radical Cheerleaders
Pamela Means, Musician
Phoenix, Poet
Rickie Gal/ Twilight of the Idle
Staceyann Chin, Poet & Activist
Twilight of the Idle, queer cabaret wordrock

Feminist and Progressive Organizations

Powerful Women Changing the World

Decadent Depravity

4 Health Inc
Abortion Gang
Alex Mateo – Photographer
Amy Mitten Photography
Arts in Bushwick
At Your Cervix
Bella Abzug Leadership Institute
Brooklyn Boulders Women’s Night
Brooklyn Museum
Choices in Childbirth
Clemente Soto Vélez Cultura & Educational Center
Columbia Queer Alliance
Confessions Musical
Connect NYC
East Side Institute
Elle*Eye Design
Equal Visibility Everywhere
FCW Society
Feminist Press
For the Birds Collective
Haven Coalition
Hey You, Can I Get a Smile?
Holistic Health Counselor Donna Sonkin
Hollaback NYC
How To Lose Your Virginity, documentary
Human Rights Campaign – Repeal DADT
Hunter Women’s Rights Coalition
Hysterical Festival
I Am Dr. Tiller
Identity House
I Had An Abortion
Industry Power Play
Institute for Women’s Leadership/Douglass Collage
International Womens Health Coalition
Jivamukti Yoga Studio
Julie Sheppard
Korea Women’s Hotline
Ladybits Comedy
Legendary Women, Inc
Lesbian Herstory Archives
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Magnet Media, Inc.
Manhattan Young Democrats
Men Can Stop Rape
Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival
Molly Does Not Approve
Music a la Mode
M Wild Photography
NARAL – Pro-Choice New York
National Council for Research on Women
National Organization for Men Against Sexism
Network For Peace Through Dialogue
New Space For Women’s Health
New York Abortion Access Fund
New York Activist Calendar
New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault
New York Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defense
New York Women in Film and Television
New Yorkers Against Religion Based Bigotry
Nontraditional Employment for Women
NOW – NYS – Young Women Task Force
NYCLU Reproductive Rights Project
NYC Radical Cheerleaders
Offensive Women
OneTaste Mindful Sexuality Group
Pillowfight Theater Fest
Planet Green
Planned Parenthood of NYC
Poetic People Power
Poly Patao Productions
Premeire Stages at Keane University
Queer Rising
RAHA Iranian Women’s Collective
REEL Dialogue
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
Rethinking Virginity Conference
Ripple Effect Productions
Rubin Museum
Safe Horizon Streetwork Project
SAFER – Students Active for Ending Rape
Sarah Jacobsen Film Grant
Say So! Brooklyn
Seeing Through the Hands Studio
Service Women’s Action Network
Sex Worker Literati
Sex Workers Outreach Project – NYC
Sex Workers Project
Sideshow: The Queer Literary Carnival
Soapbox, Inc
Spark Summit
Spread Magazine
Stripped Stories
Students Active For Ending Rape
Tastee Vegan
Tattooed Lady History
The American Virgin Blog
The Center
The Jewish Musuem
The Line Campaign
The Lo-Down
The New School
The Pleasure Chest
The Sari Soldiers
The Women’s Mosaic
Third Wave Foundation
Through the Flower
TimeOut NYC
Trixie Films
Trust Women PAC
Vinnie Angel
Who Does She Think She Is?
Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls
Women and Hollywood
Women Make Movies
Women of Valor Awards
Women’s Caucus for Art
Women’s eNews
Women’s Media Center
Women’s Medical Fund
Women’s Sexuality Empowerment Apprenticeship
Women’s Therapy Centre Institute
Woodhull Institute
Working Mother
Working Mother Media
World Heritage Cultural Center
Young Women’s Empowerment Project
Younger Women’s Task Force


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