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LGBTQ Pride Month Series, Part 1: 5 Great Resources for the Gay Tourist in NYC

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New York City is a hotspot for gay travelers. The flourishing gay communities in all boroughs of NYC offer locals and visitors alike a wide range of fun opportunities. There are a variety of great resources to use when planning a trip. Here are just a few of the many excellent online resources for gay travelers heading to NYC.

1) Next Magazine

Next Magazine is a great first stop. Next is a free magazine that’s published four times a month and focuses on subjects like gay life, fashion, sex, LGBTQ culture and news, and entertainment. Its website includes everything published in the magazine, making it a great resource for tourists who don’t have access to the latest paper copy. The website offers an abundance of nightlife and entertainment information on LGBTQ bars, clubs, theaters, restaurants, art, shopping, and local organizations. Arguably its most valuable resource, the “Next Week” section, provides listings of LGBTQ events, with dozens of future-great-memories listed for every day. The listings provide all essential information, including detailed information about the events, locations, and prices.

2) NYC: The Official Guide
NYC: The Official Guide is another excellent source. It’s the website for the city’s Office of Tourism and provides great information for all NYC tourists. This includes listings on what to do, plus where to stay along with maps and transportation information. Focal points include the website’s “Deals” and “Free” sections, which highlight great events for the tourist on a budget. It also provides essential data on Broadway shows listed by both type and location. The NYCGO / GAY part of the website provides more outstanding information, including articles on the LGBTQ history of NYC, gay and super-gay-friendly neighborhoods and shopping areas, plus must-see gay landmarks.

3) TimeOut New York
This magazine and its website is a great reference for general listings on things to do, art, books, clubs, comedy clubs, museums, spas, sports, and more. Articles consist of information on cheap food, great walks, and shopping guides. TimeOut New York: Gay lists gay bars and LGBTQ events for gay tourists with every imaginable interest, and even provides critics’ picks and listings specifically by neighborhood. Like NYC: The Official Guide, this site provides a “Free” section for free entertainment and events, but TimeOut New York: Gay is different in that it provides a “Free” section that lists only LGBTQ events. TimeOut New York also supplies a great kids section for gay tourists traveling with kids.

4) NYC LGBT Community Center
NYC’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center is a superb resource for tourists hoping to get a general feel for the gay scene. It offers information on the local gay culture, including many articles on advocacy and social justice issues within the city. The center itself hosts many events each day for gay people of all ages and interests, and its listings show events six-months in advance, which is extremely helpful for tourists hoping to plan activities long before they actually make the trip to NYC.

5) MTA
Metropolitan Transportation Authority is an absolutely essential resource, especially for tourists who don’t want to spend a fortune on cab fares. The MTA website provides maps along with subway and bus information, including fees and updates on construction and other such work that may delay services. Its best feature is “Plan & Ride,” which allows travelers to enter from-and-to locations by address, intersection, or landmark and either a “depart at” or “arrive by” time. Plan & Ride plots out transit routes in detail, and provides information such as fares for each subway or bus ride along with walking distances when a short stroll is necessary to catch the next ride.

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