Apr 13-15 Bonafide Women at Roy Arias Off Broadway Theater

Upcoming Off Broadway Play , “Bonafide Women.”

A  play that deals with Real Life Stories on : Gender Roles in Foreign Countries , Prostitution,Cancer, People with Disabilities Abortion, Homosexuality, Domestic Violence,  and Sexual Discrimination. This theatrical performance includes dance/poetry/ uninhibited sex scenes in a way that will make you question, think and allow you to reminisce and learn. “Bonafide Women” takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster, giving us a TRUE look into what it means to deal with the issues mentioned above, and how to OVERCOME!! We created this show not just for entertainment but to educate our society and enhance our open minds. The show is comedic but also dramatic, so if this is something you are interested in , get everyone one you know and come see it!!!P.S. For MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!!! (ages 16 and up)

for tickets : https://www.smarttix.com/show.aspx?EID=&showCode=BON9&BundleCode=&GUID=6ad42b28-4d9e-4839-a010-22b435149f79

Venue : ROY ARIAS OFF BROADWAY THEATER : 300 west 43rd street New York N.Y.

show dates:
Friday April 13th,2012: 8-10pm show
Saturday April 14th 2012: 4-6pm & 8-10pm shows
Sunday April 15th,2012: 4-6pm show

More information about the playwright:  http://offbroadway.broadwayworld.com/article/BONAFIDE-WOMEN-Opens-Off-Broadway-April-15-20120313 ( press release)

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