As Contraceptives Rule Enters GOP Race, Will Reproductive Rights Affect 2012 Election?

Good afternoon,
I am writing to share an interview that we broadcast on the
independent, daily news hour Democracy Now! today. Rick Santorum’s
three-state victory comes after a week of heavy Republican campaigning
against a new Obama administration rule requiring health insurance
plans, including those provided by Catholic-affiliated hospitals and
universities, to offer free birth control methods. Democracy Now!
looks at how reproductive rights could become major issues in the 2012
race with three guests: Michael Brendan Dougherty of Business Insider
and The American Conservative; Loretta Ross of the SisterSong
Reproductive Justice Collective; and Jon O?Brien of Catholics for

“What this law does,” explains Brendan Dougherty, “is it invites the
bishops and monks that are running these institutions into the
bedroom. It says, ‘you have to come down to the store and pay for
these contraceptives. You have to pay us to do this.'”

“The idea that an employer, that a bishop, can get between you and
your birth control, there’s something that’s very un-American and
wrong about that,” says Jon O’Brien. “Freedom of conscience is an
essential part of actually being a Catholic.”

Loretta Ross argues that, “We need to talk about the fact that this
rule really allows low income women, women who are dependent on their
healthcare, to access birth control, women of color in particular.”
She adds, “And while they talk about values and conscience, let’s not
lose sight that there are women being damaged by this political
football men are making of our lives.”

When you have a chance, please take a moment to watch the interview
and read the complete transcript, which is available at the link
below. I have also provided the video embed code if you would like to
share the interview on your website and social media networks today.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Please let me know
if you have any questions.

My Best,
Megan Hafner
Social Media and Online Outreach Intern
Democracy Now!

As Contraceptives Rule Enters GOP Race, Will Reproductive Rights
Affect 2012 Election?




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