Get Real. Speak Up: Join Women and Men Busting Abstinence Myths

Tired of letting Reality TV, Porn and Abstinence Programs dictate how we talk about Women’s Sexuality? Let’s create some honest conversation for a change!

Federally funded Abstinence-Only programs must teach “that sexual activity outside of the context of marriage is likely to have harmful psychological and physical effects”

~For more examples of what this taxpayer-funded $1.5 billion dollar program is teaching, watch talking bears share abstinence lessons.

What’s the biggest abstinence myth you ever heard? Did somebody tell you if you that women who had sex before marriage were dirty toothbrushes? Or that condoms were ineffective in preventing STDs?

Tell us today and we’ll publish your answers as part of our Get Real Survey. Help create shame-free, loud and proud information on sex and stop women’s lives being dictated by whispered myths.

What’s the biggest Abstinence Myth you ever heard? Share your answers

Watch Purity Ball scenes in the new “How to Lose Your Virginity” trailer here

Enjoy ‘Abstinence Week’ at the blog.We’re reprinting one of our favorite posts about ridiculous and dangerous US abstinence-only programs. It starts here.

Donate today in honor of honest and comprehensive sex education to support the completion of “How to Lose Virginity.” here

Next week’s conversation: Older Virgin Myths.

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Thanks from Therese & Team Trixie

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