February 9-12 at Barnard College: 2nd Annual Athena Film Festival

The 2nd Annual Athena Film Festival: A Celebration of Women and Leadership takes place February 9-12 at Barnard College.  The festival will showcase over 25 films highlighting the wide diversity of women’s leadership in both real life and the fictional world: women firefighters and aviators; women who challenged conventions, broke barriers, and opened doors for others; women who made peace, who made music, and who used their naked power (literally!) to stand up to injustice.

SOCIAL NETWORKS: Please first add a Badge to your Facebook page http://athenafilmfestival.com/buttons/.  Then LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us Twitter. Each day we will be highlighting a film, sharing the trailer and encouraging partners and friends to rePost.

FESTIVAL DETAILS: All the details about the festival including screening times (films begin Friday evening February 10 and run through Sunday evening February 12), easydirections, the list of GREAT FILMS playing and amazing Female Awardees, and ticket prices ($12 adults, $7 students) are available on the website.

TICKETS can now be purchased here.  All Access Passes (for $65 and below) are also available.
GROUP RATES: We can also discuss ways to offer your constituents Group Discounts.
FREE FILMS: Two of the films — Gloria: In Her Own Words  and Education of Dee Dee Ricks– will be free to the public – though tickets will be required to attend.

2 SPECIAL EVENTS: Hollywood Conversation with Winnie Holzman and Savannah Dooley (Moderated by Emily Nussbaum) and Half The Sky Sneak Preview and Discussion. Times, Tickets, Info.

FREE FILMMAKER WORKSHOPS: Know a great female filmmaker? Athena is providing workshops on Producing Films in Tough Times and Building an Audience in the Digital Age. http://athenafilmfestival.com/program/2012-special-events/workshops/

ABOUT: Films have power: the power to create conversation, to reveal truths and to inspire. But for too many generations, women’s voices and women’s stories have not been appropriately represented in mainstream films. The stories of women as change agents and heroes who have made a difference in their countries and communities have the power to spur social change. When young women see role models on screen, they better understand their own potential to bring freedom and justice to their communities. When women activists witness remarkable women in action, they better understand that they too can change the world for the better.

The Athena Film Festival highlights the wide diversity of women’s leadership in both real life and the fictional world. Through feature films, documentaries, and shorts directed by both women and men, the Festival explores women’s leadership across race, class, and culture. More than that, the Festival serves as a forum for robust dialogue about women and leadership: what it takes to excel, collaborate, and lead.  The Festival was launched in 2010, is a joint partnership between Barnard College, The Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard and the acclaimed Women and Hollywood.  We know film is a medium known to almost all people in nearly every part of the world. And films have power. They create conversation. They reveal truths. They inspire. Through feature films, documentaries, and shorts, the Athena Film Festival will explore what makes a leader.

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