“Overexposure” by Cristina Dominguez

In a dark room
by my fingertips

can I unravel
to develop your thoughts

can I resist
my deep

girlchild afraid
to stay awake in the dark
itching, heart fidgeting
to flip on the switch

dark brown beach
with a worm hole center
quicksand caving into
the core

they’ve always been
pupils of pain
studying nightmares

maps of the past
where, “you are here”
circles back
to present day

gripping the grief
pulled tight over them,
the winter solstice
that froze the fire

will eye blink
and miss it
squinting I
in the blur of hope

purposeful prints soaking
your imprint
in calm
but begging liquid

pressing: don’t hide from me this time

nakedly staring
spent, open and wet
limp in soft cold sweat
born in my arms

I’ll trace the braille
words are wishes,
subliminal images
to lost sight

in this split second shudder
of our inventure
I felt warm light

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