Take part in a state-wide campaign to save benefit programs on July 20th!

From Greater NYC for Change:

Debt Ceiling Negotiations

As the President and Congress work to negotiate a deal to raise the federal debt ceiling, Republicans in Congress are demanding huge funding cuts and radical changes to vital social service programs. Greater NYC for Change opposes these cuts, and urges all lawmakers to reject any deficit reduction proposal which will make harmful benefit reductions to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs. Specifically:

• We need Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Do not cut or “adjust” them now, while millions are out of work.
• Social Security did not cause the deficit, and it should not be cut to reduce a deficit it did not cause. Seniors have earned Social Security through a lifetime of hard work.
• Do away with the Bush tax cuts and end tax loopholes for corporations and the wealthy. Make them pay their fair share.

Action Items you can take to save benefit programs:

Call NYS Congress members to oppose benefit cuts

Seventy Congress members have sent a letter to the White House urging the President not to cut Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security benefits in debt ceiling negotiations, but eleven New York State Representatives have not yet signed this letter. Can you call them today? Say:

“I support our nation’s historic and vital social programs and urge YOU to do so too.”

The Representatives from New York State who have not signed the letter are:
Bishop (202-225-3826), Israel (202-225-3335), McCarthy (202-225-5516), Ackerman (718-423-2154), Meeks (202-225-3461), Crowley (202-225-3965), Velazquez (202-225-2361), Serrano (202-225-4361), Lowey (202-225-6506), Owens (518-565-0183), and Higgins (202-225-3306).

Additional information is available through the Strengthen Social Security campaign.

July 20th Events: Take part in a state-wide campaign to save benefit programs

Join a coalition of progressive groups traveling across New York State to urge NY representatives to oppose benefit cuts. Gather in lower Manhattan on Wednesday, July 20 and take the South ferry to Staten Island to tell Rep. Michael Grimm “hands off social security, Medicaid, and Medicare.”

3:45pm: Join our fun “Boat Brigade”!
Gather at the South Ferry Terminal in Lower Manhattan. Together we’ll take the 4 p.m. ferry over to Staten Island. Bring group banners and homemade signs!

5:00pm: Press Conference and Rally
Take the Staten Island ferry to Borough Hall – 10 Richmond Terrace (across the street from the St. George Ferry Terminal – enter on Stuyvesant Place).

Email Hilary Papineau to RSVP or for additional information: hilarina@gmail.com

Events are sponsored by the new “Restore the American Promise” campaign. Partners include 1199 SEIU, Fight for a Fair Economy • Citizen Action of New York • New York State Alliance for Retired Americans • New York State AFL-CIO • New York Statewide Senior Action Council • New York Association on Independent Living

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