“Why I am a Feminist Today” – Looking for Submissions!

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Aside from managing this blog, I also have my own personal tumblr where I post regularly about current events, social justice movements, and feminist & queer issues.  I am starting a new feature called “Why I am a Feminist Today” and would love to receive submissions from the Paradigm Shift NYC community!  Here is an excerpt from the description of my project:

I have attended two lectures with Jessica Valenti, both of which have been incredibly amazing (and worth the 2 hour drive each way).  My favorite part of hearing her speak is the way she is able to stress the importance of feminism today.  In a feature she called, “Why I am a Feminist This Week,” she shared examples of marketing campaigns, coverage of current events, and quotes from influential politicians, all which worked to remind the audience of the prevalence of sexism in society.  Her lectures have inspired me to start my own similar feature here on Tumblr, where I post examples of how and why feminism is still relevant/necessary/unbelievably important.

Every day, I am reminded of reasons why I am a feminist.  Whenever I encounter one of these news stories or blog posts, I will share them here on Tumblr.  If I have particularly noteworthy conversations with friends or family, I will write about them.  In doing this, I hope to show how and why feminism matters (SO MUCH) today.

These posts will not be limited to issues that only affect cis-gendered women, as feminism is a movement that advocates for the equality of all people.  In these posts, I will address issues of inequality that affect individuals because of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, education, age, and more.

I am official exhausted by the amount of anti-feminist backlash that I encounter on a daily basis, whether in commentary on mainstream news, posts on tumblr, conversations with friends and family, listening to the radio, looking at advertisements, etc.  To claim that feminism is no longer relevant or that feminism is only necessary in specific countries around the world is absolutely outrageous.  Yes, the feminist movement has been responsible for countless social, political, and economic advancements for millions of people around the world.  However, the work of the feminist movement is nowhere near complete.

I just finished up my first post; in it, I did a summary of the issues I covered on my blog today.  I hope to do these types of posts a few times a week and would love any additional input!

You should also check back here on the PS blog regularly, as I hope to share these posts on this site too!

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