Dessert & Disorders: Video installations and stills by Erica Schreiner

In a dark humor vein, Dessert & Disorders links together the ideas of the final course of a meal and human obsessive-compulsive disorders. Murky impulses and mental dysfunctions are presented or “served” as a treat, through a combination of video and stills.

Opening reception with the artist: June 2nd, 6-8pm
Show runs June 2nd- July 2nd at the –
Bill Hodges Gallery (24 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019)

Schreiner’s exploration of problematic states of mind is conveyed through self-representations consisting of obsessive repetition of the same actions. Self-representation and prominent use of the body have been key elements for feminist interpretations of works of art by female artists, such as Ana Mendieta and Cindy Sherman. Nonetheless, Schreiner’s work significantly differs from Mendieta’s and Sherman’s. Compared to Mendieta, Schreiner does not disguise the body in natural environments in order to signify a return to Mother Nature; instead, she emphasizes and dramatizes the presence of the body through the use of sensuality. And unlike Sherman, Schreiner’s use of self-representation does not involve playing stereotypical female roles in front of the camera; self-representation is, for Schreiner, instrumental to portraying mental states that affect behavior and the body, regardless of gender. Her video portrayals are often accompanied with flowers, glitter and food-smashing gestures in what seems to simultaneously be an attempt to establish an imaginary world filled with magic, and an effort to destroy it.

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