Music and More, this Sunday at 2!

From Laura Joy, our fabulous membership coordinator here at Paradigm Shift NYC:

Hi there! Been awhile, hasn’t it?

So I was sitting here thinking. Thinking about… well, about life and how crazy it is. It dawned on me last night that I’ve been in the great state of New York for over five years. But on April 18th, I’ll be moving to Chicago. I’m excited about the opportunity, but also sad to be leaving so many friends behind. You wouldn’t happen to know any awesome places I should check out in Chicago, would you? Maybe some cool people I should meet? I’m so open to suggestions here.

In other fabulous news, I spent this January recording a new album produced by Suzi Reynolds at Bennett Studios in NJ with Rob Coover and Kelly Zullo. The result, a 10 song collection titled, What I Know, truly feels right and good. You can preview two tracks from it on my reverbnation page. What I Know will be available for sale online on April 30th.

Unfortunately, with my upcoming move, I haven’t had a chance to book too many gigs…YET. However, I will play a short set at Theatre 80 St Marks in NYC on Sunday, April 10th at 2:30pm (80 St Marks between 1st and 2nd Aves). Rob and Kelly will be joining me, and of course, I’ll bring a few copies of the new CD with me, just in case you want one. πŸ˜‰

A little more about this performance: All proceeds will go to AmeriCares. The suggested donation is $30 (more is fantastic, less is accepted with love). Please understand, whatever you can give is greatly appreciated! I will be joining a fascinating group of acts and the schedule is as follows:

2pm – Michael Chaut of Monday Night Magic
2:30 – Laura Joy
3pm – Theatre Han
3:30 – Taylor Barton
4pm – Thee Shambels and Dana
4:30 – Miss Saturn (Hula!!)
5pm – Libby Johnson
5:30 – Sam Eaton’s The Quantum Eye

In the lobby and out front we will also have interactive art where people can paint messages to Japan, as well as close up magic. That’s right. Magic. UP CLOSE.

As always, you can find me on Facebook (like me, like me!!!). And twitter. And my website (which incidentally, I started to redesign today, so don’t go there now because it’s kind of… broken).

Don’t miss her performance this Sunday at 2:30 – You will have a great time and be supporting an amazing organization!

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