Calling all DC Feminists for the 2011 Visions in Feminism Conference!

“Using the theme: ‘No Wave: Moving Past the Tide” the 11th Vision in Feminism will create a space to push against the limits of the current understanding of feminism. The theme ‘No Wave’ is more than an exploration of the distinct, and all too limiting waves, so often referred to in feminism. Together we will interrogate: exclusionary spaces that approaching oppression as silos of experience, manifestations of identity warfare, and find ways to leap over the gaps between feminist theory and anti-oppression application. There will be three tracks of workshops:

1. Groundwork: revisiting the primary elements of Feminism through its actions, goals, and faults.

2. Skillshare: Application of theory from sharing how to safely ride a bike, to dismantle the machine of our oppression.

3. Digging Deeper: No space for ‘theory for theory sake’ these workshops will focus on ‘doing the work’ of challenging each participant to move forward applying current critique writing and theorizing.

Registration for the conference is a sliding scale of $10 – $15 in advance and $15 for day-of registration.

vegan breakfast and lunch provided. Childcare upon request- please email if needed!

American University students get free admission with student ID.

Paying online will allow us to better gauge food and beverage needs. Additionally, if you pay more than $10 the additional funds are paid forward to a scholarship attendee:

After the conference please join us at Science Club for the annual HIPS Benefit Art Night! More details to come!

Questions? Ask us! Email ViF with questions, concerns, and to pre-register:

For more details leading up to the conference and pre-conference events:

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