Spring 2011 Prediction: The Paradigm Will Shift by at Least 5%. Spring Events Announced Soon!

We’ll announce our Spring events shortly, so in the meantime please check out our co-sponsored events listed on the event calendar, our blog, and our about page for testimonials and list of past events.

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Paradigm Shift NYC events challenge and inspire participants to contribute to the feminist movement by providing a unique and welcoming platform for expression and coalition building.  The result is almost 4 years of feminist community building that is creating both intra- and interpersonal paradigm shifts, contributing to a transformative societal ripple effect.

By donating- you are creating change

Suggested Donations:

$10-25 – will allow one person who is not able to pay to attend an event for free
$50-100- will help subsidize the cost of building a partnership coalition for one event
$100-250- will help subsidize the cost of one venue for one event
$500-750- will help subsidize the costs of event video production

Your donation of $5, 10, $25 or $50+ is greatly appreciated- donate today

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