“Powerful Women Changing the World”

After publishing her debut novel, Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation, Angelina Perri Birney took to the feminist blogosphere!  Birney’s blog, Powerful Women Changing the World, features interviews with “women leaders who are inspiring other women to take action on all levels – locally and globally – with respect to human rights and peace initiatives.”  Her interviews tackle important subjects such as the generational divide in the feminist movement, women’s representation in the media, and political activism.

Birney’s blog is truly a source of inspiration!  For those interested in feminist activism, these posts should be required reading.  For those that still doubt how one individual can make a difference, check out her posts to see how these incredible women are changing the world.

Marianne Schnall:: Daring to Be . . . Feminist.com

SAM COOK: Human Rights, An Inclusive View

Waging Peace: Media Benjamin of CODEPINK

Jamia Wislon of the Women’s Media Center: Feminism’s Authentic Voice

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