Must-Read Articles: January Edition

“Ugandan Activist Named on Anti-Gay Hit List Found Murdered” – David Kato, a gay rights activist in Uganda, was found murdered in his home earlier this week.  Last year, his name, address, and photograph, appeared on a list of 100 gay men and lesbians living in Uganda.  This list was intended to incite violence, as evidenced by newspaper captions such as “hang them.”  This article offers great background information, up-to-date news on the current investigation, and more.

Stand with Brenda – As I just mentioned, life in Uganda is simply not safe for gay men and lesbians.  However, Brenda Namigadde, a lesbian from Ugandan, is likely to be deported from the United Kingdom tonight!  Eight years ago, she fled to avoid being “persecution for her sexuality;” if she is forced to return to Uganda, she will likely be harassed, tortured, or even killed.  Sign this petition as soon as possible to ensure that Brenda will be allowed to stay in the UK!

“How Abortion Bans Threaten Womens Lives”Roe v. Wade overturned the abortion ban in the United States in 1973, yet 38 years later, women are still seeking abortions in unsafe environments.  In this article, Patty Skuster and Susan Schewel highlight the reality of this situation by discussing the illegal abortions that were being performed in a certified clinic in Philadelphia.  Even when abortion is legal, there are still many barriers to access that lead women into dangerous, even deadly, situations.

“No Jail Time for Lawrence Taylor” – Lawrence Taylor, a former American football player, was found guilty of having sex with a sixteen year-old girl that was trafficked into the sex trade last year.  Read this article to learn more about Taylor’s sentencing and domestic sex trafficking.

“When the politically fueled murder of a 9-year-old girl in Arizona is NOT national news”

“Stop Murder and Violence Against Sex Workers” – A great article from On the Issues about the treatment of sex workers by the criminal justice system and society at large.

“My First Day as an Abortion Doula” – In sharing her personal experiences, Miriam Perez shows how important doulas are for women seeking reproductive health services.  This article is truly an inspiration!

“The House GOP’s Plan to Redefine Rape”

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