“Blackened Blues”

This poem was written by Cristina Dominguez in honor of her friend Brittany, who passed away on January 4th, 2009.

It came after a fluorescent night
in between the closed lids
the squinted shut eyes
of our blinds

we, weak for being tired
we, weak for being
we, didn’t deserve the sleep
that comes with waking

See, the blues comes in shades of black
The blues comes in shades of black
and blues don’t always come back

Blue-grey dawn no longer
wool over our lives
the cold baked by
unwelcomed warmth

life, forcing itself
sunlight in the slits
the line rang rude
the cruel noon awakening

you in the past
you passed
my half answered and
I could hear

the voice on the other end
though she and we
were as far away
from life, as you

Watched the blues turn to shades of black
The blues faded to shades of black
closed those blinds because the blues won’t come back

Your hands were cold
your blues
bled into
your skin

the color
the cold
led me in
and I died



be with you

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