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Who Will Rape Me? – Written by Andrea Grimes at Hay Ladies, this post discusses the reality of sexual assault against women and the lived experiences of women in rape culture.

MTV’s Shockingly Good Abortion Special – On December 28th, MTV aired a special episode of 16 and Pregnant which featured three teenagers that chose to have abortions… and it was “shockingly good.”

– As soon as I read these poems, I could not wait to share them with my friends.  At times touching, other times heartbreaking, these poems address many important issues affecting women around the world today.

Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies, and Along With It, Reason and Justice – I could not have said this better myself…

Tests of ‘Roe’ More Frequent since Justices Upheld Late-term Abortion Ban in ’07 – Read this to learn what these tests mean for our reproductive rights and why the 2007 decision was so significant.

Life-Saving Hospital May No Longer Consider Itself Catholic – During the eleventh week of her pregnancy, a woman rushed to St. Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.  She needed the doctors to perform a life-saving abortion, a procedure which went against the hospital’s Catholic, pro-life principles.

Feminism: A Moral Compass for Change – A great piece on one woman’s experiences with feminism.

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