Feminist Web Comedy Vag Magazine Premieres Episode 3!

Vag Magazine Episode 3: “Swamp Ophelia” from Vag Magazine on Vimeo.

Vag Magazine is not your grandma’s feminist magazine, though we support her as a woman. Join founders Fennel, Sylvie, and Bethany, staffers Heavy Flo (a hero on the roller derby circuit), Reba (truly a legend of gonzo feminist pop culture journalism), and Meghan (the lone holdover from fashion magazine Gemma, which the Vag founders bought out with the proceeds from their Etsy shop), as well as enthusiastic intern Kit as they teach you how to be a better woman. In the second episode “Reject All American” (all episodes are named after seminal feminist albums), Bethany meets with menstrual cup company The Keeper about sponsoring the first issue of Vag, Kit learns the ropes, and Meghan tries to pitch a skirt story. New episodes will be posted each Monday.

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