Feminist Comedy Vag Magazine Season 1 Finale Now Live!

Vag Magazine Episode 6: “Revelling/Reckoning” from Vag Magazine on Vimeo.

The first season finale of Vag Magazine, a comedy web series that goes behind the scenes at hipster third-wave feminist magazine Vag, will debut online at www.vagmagazine.tv on Monday, November 22.

Vag Magazine is not your grandma’s feminist magazine, though we support her as a woman. Join founders Fennel, Sylvie, and Bethany, staffers Heavy Flo (a hero on the roller derby circuit), Reba (truly a legend of gonzo feminist pop culture journalism), and Meghan (the lone holdover from fashion magazine Gemma, which the Vag founders bought out with the proceeds from their Etsy shop), as well as enthusiastic intern Kit as they teach you how to be a better woman. In the sixth episode “Revelling/Reckoning” (all episodes are named after seminal feminist albums), tensions run high between Fennel, Sylvie, and Bethany at the Vag launch party and Jaybird makes Meghan an offer. This is the first season’s finale; Season Two will debut in 2011.

Vag Magazine stars Kate McKinnon (Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show, Adult Swim’s Venture Brothers), Nicole Drespel, Jocelyn Guest, Sarah Claspell, Veronica Osorio (Boves), Morgan Grace Jarrett (Big Fish, Love Liza), and Leslie Meisel (Upright Citizen Brigade’s Love Can Suck a Dick…And So Can I!). Shannon O’Neill (UCB’s Prison Freaks: A Talent Show) and Nicole Shabtai (Landline TV, UCB’s Citizen Rothstein) guest star.

Vag Magazine was created and written by Caitlin Tegart (The Pretty Good Sports Show, The Edge With Jake Sasseville) and Leila Cohan-Miccio (UCB’s This Is About Smith). The series is produced by Nicole Shabtai and directed by Zach Neumeyer.

Praise for Vag Magazine:
“An excellent new web series…Get excited about this one.” – Adam Frucci, Splitsider.com
“The year’s not quite yet over, but I feel pretty confident in saying this: the independent comedy series Vag Magazine is one of my favorites of the year. The writing is sharp, the pace fast, the production values great and the cast clicks together beautifully.” – Liz Shannon Miller, NewTeeVee.com
“A new Web comedy series plays Etsy-loving, patriarchy-hating third-wavers for laughs — and it works! We feminists have a reputation for being humorless killjoys with an inability to laugh at ourselves. Let me state for the record, however, that I laughed — and hard — when I saw the previews for a new Web comedy series that pokes fun at third-wave feminist hipsters like myself.” – Tracy Clark-Flory, Salon.com
“Vag Magazine made me think about feminism even as it parodies some aspects of it–and that makes it smart and funny.” – Kathleen Richter, Ms. Magazine
“The actresses seem written for their roles.” – Ricardo Bilton, New York Observer
“The series definitely delivers in the LOL department. Many of the plotlines and comedic tools are patently ridiculous, and they are endearing and authentic.” – Grace Chu, AfterEllen.com
“Love it.” – Jessica Wakeman, TheFrisky.com

Leila and Caitlin are available for interviews, as are members of the cast. For even more information, check out www.vagmagazine.tv or follow us on Twitter at @VagMagazine.

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