Tonight 6pm- Ladybits Comedy “Equality, Hilarity, Booze!”

Do feminists have a sense of humor?  You bet they do!

Paradigm Shift is thrilled to announce our partnership with Ladybits Comedy, a weekly all-female comedy show in the West Village.

From Ladybits’ Vision Statement:

Ladybits Comedy was founded by Abbi Crutchfield and Jennifer Dziura.  Jen came up with the name, and Abbi came up with the tagline “Equality, Hilarity, Booze!” Très French Revolution, no?  Here are some of our goals in starting Ladybits:

  • To entertain women who don’t like traditional comedy clubs.
  • To make you laugh until you cry.
  • To hold our show someplace where the food is tasty, the ladies’ bathrooms are clean, and you don’t feel like you’re in a frat basement. (Done!)
  • To create a community.
  • To warmly welcome male audience members, without unduly catering our show to them.
  • To generate more work for female comedians, rather than simply promoting competition for the limited amount of work that actually exists.
  • To reach out via The Internets to women comedy fans and comedians all over the world.
  • To offer a lineup that reflects the talent of women of all races, sexual orientations, body types, physical abilities, and ages (and probably some other forms of diversity that we’re tragically forgetting at the moment).
  • To put on an awesome show that makes you laugh, where you make friends, and where you identify with the voices on stage, and that is funnier than anything you can see staying at home watching your television.

Ladybits Comedy “Equality, Hilarity, Booze!”

Wednesday, October 13th (and subsequent Wednesdays through December 16th)
Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia St
Doors at 6pm, show at 6:30 sharp
$7 admission includes a free drink
All are welcome.

Check out for more info on featured comics  Amanda Baramki, Giulia Rozzi,  Leah Dubie, and Jen Kwok, as well as commentary on whether perfect grammar is compatible with comedy, and on Ladybits’ no-heckling, no picking-on-the-audience policy (quoth co-founder Jen, “Civilization: It’s easy!”)

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