Fundraiser for Crossroads Theatre Project: Staged reading of “Tulpa, or Anne&Me”

WHAT: Staged reading of “Tulpa, or Anne&Me” by Shawn C. Harris (aka RVCBard) followed by a birthday party for Anne Hathaway (who probably won’t show up, so we’re calling her The Great Pumpkin)
WHEN: Friday, November 12, 8pm
WHERE: TBA – most likely WOW Cafe Theatre
WHY: Fundraiser for Crossroads Theatre Project
HOW MUCH: Suggested donation $10 (for your cake and balloons)

When Anne Hathaway crawls out of your television, what do you do? When the topic of conversation is race, how would you navigate the truth of your experience and the human need to make connections despite the pain and rage involved?

Through a series of surreal visitations from the famous movie star, “Tulpa, or Anne&Me” blends reality, fantasy and memory to explore what is usually hidden in the way we talk about race. Taking the vantage point of a Black lesbian with an overactive imagination, “Tulpa, or Anne&&Me” explores the effects of racism on human relationships.

“Tulpa, or Anne&Me” is the first work developed by Crossroads Theatre Project.

Crossroads Theatre Project is a collaboration of new Black playwrights whose works explore how race intersects with other identities and challenge mainstream ideas about Black theatre.

The crossroads are rooted in African folklore, Vodou, and Delta blues as a place where strange and unexpected things happen. Anything can happen on the crossroads. You can speak with the dead, meet the spirits of your ancestors, or even sell your soul to the Devil.

Crossroads Theatre Project is the anti-Chitlin Circuit created to break barriers and undermine stereotypes by presenting thoughtful new stories by and about African Americans today. In the simplest terms, this means: no maids; no crackheads; no Tyler Perry.

The vision of Crossroads Theatre Project is nearly identical to 13P. The idea is to use our shared passion for theater and our status as Othered to empower us when it comes to gathering resources and reaching out to potential audiences and creative partners. We’re committed to giving people theatre by and about us that challenges what people assume we stand for and/or are interested in. The goal of Crossroads Theatre Project is to incubate the works of new Black playwrights from first draft through full production.


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