Born Again in Me – a poem by Cristina Dominguez

In the place where I once drowned
naked and alone and true I found myself.
The pain that showered me,
a rain that empowered me,
cleansed me of the need to lie, to comply with normalcy,
with laws and facts not true to me–
a life so limiting and narrow light could not
impeach their darkness and find my eyes
in that life I died.

Coming out of the spout life bathes me
fresh, new and free like a baby
cut away from the life that failed to sustain me
I can breathe.
Truth blinding but guiding me,
strengthened from discovery I can finally be
reborn, awakened, adored by me
both mother and the other just born.
Noise surrounds me but not a sound of doubt
can abound the power and purity of the self-awareness
that I’ve found.

Uncovered, exposed, liberated,
what had emanated all along all alone in the
darkness of their ignorance
the individuality of myself and sexuality.

This game of shame and blame
of defeating and beating back and
distancing the different,
that began with race
and now is placed on us
is what goes against grace.

My individuality, my humanity
seeing and being my being
is both the source and the course
of the divinity within me.

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