Two workshops – Love in a Time of Broken Heart: Healing From Within, with Benig Mauger

Friday Introductory Seminar: Love in a Time of Broken Heart: Combining Psychology and Spirituality to Heal the Soul

“An understanding of the transcendent and mystical that is deeply grounded in the psychological is necessary if we are not to get bogged down in the narcissism of ‘woundology,’ or swept away by an ungrounded mysticism that promises healing without struggle.”*

Despite being told that wholeness and love lie within us, in our “quick fix” society, we often look for answers outside of ourselves and remain trapped in our wounds thus hampering our spiritual growth. Using a unique blend of psychology and spirituality, Jungian psychotherapist and author Benig Mauger, drawing from her latest book, explains how true healing comes from within and how to travel into this profound terrain of the heart.

*From Love in a Time of Broken Heart: Healing From Within, by Benig Mauger

Saturday Workshop: Healing From Within™: Initiating an Inner Path to Love and Your Soul

In an increasingly fragmented world, we seek inner wholeness, spiritual purpose-and love. While wanting to progress on our spiritual path, however, we are often held back by our sense of wounding. To be truly capable of giving and receiving love, we have to embrace our essential natures and heal our emotional wounds while practicing acceptance and forgiveness. With its unique blend of psychology and spirituality, this experiential workshop is designed to guide you on your inner journey to healing.

Using meditation, art, myth, poetry, movement and dream work, it will help us to examine how soul patterns transmitted to us in early life influence how we behave in our current relationships. We’ll explore how to balance our inner masculine and feminine aspects, as well as consider how heartbreak can be an initiation that leads to love and compassion.

Come discover what your own path to inner healing, wellness, and
spiritual purpose can awaken in you.

A book signing will follow.

Cost: $25 – Friday Evening Introductory Lecture
$99 – Saturday Workshop

Register Online

Note: The evening workshop on Friday, June 4, Love in a Time of Broken Heart, is a prerequisite for the full-day workshop.

At Transformations Holistic Learning Center
2301 Evesham Road, Suite 109
Voorhees, NJ 08043

Benig Mauger is an Ireland-based Jungian psychotherapist, writer, poet and public speaker. A pioneer in pre- and peri-natal psychology and founder of the Holistic Birth Center in London, she is the author of Songs from the Womb: Healing the Wounded Mother, Reclaiming Father: The Search for Wholeness in Men, Women and Children and, most recently, Love in a Time of Broken Heart: Healing From Within. Benig travels internationally to teach, lecture and run workshops.

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