Legendary: A Chloe Sullivan Appreciation Project… Continues!

Legendary: A Chloe Sullivan project (full commercial) from Legendary on Vimeo.

Legendary Women Inc. is a group generally comprised of young, professional women engaged in a project to pay tribute to the positive representation of young women in the media in order to promote and encourage values young women should strive to achieve. According to the website, Chloe Sullivan is a role model for young women because of such traits as intelligence, tenacity and heroism. Here is an update since their last post on Paradigm Shift along with their ad appreciating Chloe Sullivan:

What a difference three weeks can make!

Since our last feature on Paradigm Shift on the Chloe Sullivan/Allison Mack Tribute Project, Legendary, we have had our premiere on May 14th on KTLA, the CW station in Los Angeles. On Thursday, May 20, 2010, we are becoming a bicoastal “double header.” We will be airing once during the six p.m. news hours in both Los Angeles (KTLA) as well as in New York City (WPIX). This Big Apple affiliate is considered the “flagship” station of the CW network. It is, incidentally, also the day of the CW Upfronts in NYC!

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to our ad from fans, media, and from the CW Network. The ad was featured in Variety, TV Guide Magazine, the Los Angeles Times blog “Hero Complex” and recognized by Jarrett Wieselman of NY Post’s Pop Wrap. We’ve also had a great response from more grass roots sites like Prime Time Geek, Sci Fi Mafia, and Sci Fi Latino. The CW has been supportive as well and we’ve received “tweets” from the publicists and the network’s official twitter. Legendary was also covered by the WPIX Gossip Guy blog (http://bit.ly/702oIx), who applauded us for choosing Chloe Sullivan and Ms. Mack as positive representations of young professional women in the media.

We at Legendary Women, Inc. feel that this is just the beginning. Our next mission is to apply for non-profit status so we will be raising funds for that process. We are also working to build our infrastructure and board so that we can construct our website. We’d plan to have that up and running by mid-July so that we can start profiling female characters and real women in film and television whom we view as role models. Ideally, we’d love to be able to unveil our site—a mix of real women and many beloved genre characters—at Comic Con in San Diego.

The big project that we are gearing up for in late October of 2010 is a charity drive for the East Los Angeles Women’s Center (http://elawc.org/ ) , which helps provide services for Latina women who have suffered from domestic, family, or sexual violence. We are looking forward to the fall and to this being the first of many charitable projects. We are inspired not only by our heroines in the media but also by the friends we’ve made already working at Legendary Women, Inc.


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