Call for Submissions- LGBTQ Pride Month

It’s time again to wave those rainbow flags in celebration of humanity’s diverse array of gender and sexual orientation! In honor of LGBTQ Pride Month, Paradigm Shift is seeking blog, graphic art, and video submissions related to LGBTQ issues and experiences. ┬áPlease let us know how you would like to be credited (by name or anonymous)- deadline, Sunday, June 27th.

Email submissions to:

The modern Pride movement took shape out of the Stonewall riots in 1969, a violent clash where gay people fought back against New York City police and their unconstitutional bar raids. The incident was well publicized and cultivated a sense of community among gay people. The concept of Pride resulted in opposition to shame, which was and remains a social mechanism for oppressing LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer) people. The Pride movement has furthered the political struggle for rights by making the LGBTQ community and its issues known.

LGBTQ Pride is a feminist concern because stopping sexist oppression means stopping the systems that create other forms of oppression as well. It would not make sense to focus solely on gender without recognizing the numerous other ways a person would be affected by class, race, sexual orientation, and other forms of diversity. We invite you to voice your ideas and experiences pertaining to Pride in order to increase visibility and awareness of LGBTQ issues as feminist issues.

Some ideas for submissions:

  • Discuss generational shifts within and outside of the LGBTQ community
  • Describe a personal encounter with discrimination and how you dealt with it
  • Reflect on recent LGBTQ-related incidents in the news
  • Create an expression of Pride
  • Recall a fond experience at a Pride celebration
  • Give an example of how LGBTQ issues and feminist issues intersect

Click here for a list of Pride events happening in major cities!

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