Brittany – a poem by Cristina Dominguez

Writing and I’m freed
freed and I’m writing
the need that I keep fighting

Turn the page,
ignore the cage
the cell that I’ve sealed myself in
the sin that it is to keep within
these thoughts and feelings that should be told

the toll
what I’ve done to my soul
out of
yet in control
taking hold
heart beating bold

pain and breath behind sealed lips
Death of my reality
my spirituality
imprisoning what I’m envisioning
not me in my totality

Completely confined
confiding my truth
my root
in the ground
deep down
I hide
I’m blind
I’m dry
without tears
I lie
you died

and now I’ve left behind
the part of me that’s free
am I fighting losing you by losing me?
I can’t let go of the you in me
I hope these words raise you up
how they’ve weighed me down
maybe my liberty
is your eternity

Oh Brittany
Can you forgive that I live on
and you’re gone
Is it really living?
I’m holding on

Let these words touch your face
in a place that you deserve
Can these words serve
to find me
I’m hiding
with these words

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