Vote for Feminist Remix Video for Webby Awards!

[youtube KKpSSCUrWqE]


“Did you get a chance to see “Buffy vs Edward: Twilight remixed“? It was recently nominated for a Webby! And it might be the only feminist anything that is nominated at all this year, which is why we think it’s so important that it wins the people’s choice award for best remix/mashup video! Currently it’s only in third place and it needs a big boost of votes to bring it to first.”

There are only a few days left (voting ends on April 29th) and it only takes a few minutes to vote on the Webby YouTube page:

For more information on the creator:

Read an article from Jonathan McIntosh about why he made “Buffy vs Edward” at WIMN Voices where he discusses his pro-feminist interpretation of Twilight and also gives a big shout out to the vidding community which was a primary influence in making this video. His other remixes can be seen on his blog at

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