The State of Our Union – a poem by Cristina Dominguez

As this ink runs
my mind clears.
what we are,
who we’ve become,
separate and together
and I remember why
In between these lines,
like the words yours and mine,
we don’t fit.

Not suited
to be recruited
into love’s
drone-like roles
or over-done scripts,
ripped from their grip
we’re misfits–
chance and fate,
in reality
each other’s mate.

In these music-less lyrics
I can hear it,
witness to
how you
the beginning
and end
of the songs
that remind me of

The screws that hold together my bed,
the frame of reference
of restless nights
the touch in my hand,
the thought in my head,
in the place where I lay awake
the place that I make
without you
but more near to you
than I’ve ever known

Presently navigating
negotiating interstate
the state of our being,
our meaning
you permeate
the borders that delineate
our divided position.
resurrected by transition
our path isn’t linearly directed
our bond, neither bound nor neglected–
fused in disarray,
connected in confusion,
I confess
we are a mess
but certainly not an illusion

Through the worst of it
or at the very least
we’ve rehearsed it
well versed in it
masters of disaster,
we cheated our way to faithfulness
cleaned up by creating a mess
to begin again
to be new
to renew,
breaking apart
breaking open our hearts
to restart.

I respect
and expect you
to expand your exploration

Midway through the night,
halfway through the day
genius or insanity
who’s to say?
So we’ve ruined their rules
we were never meant to play
their way.
Far from subliminal
but subversive and criminal
I’ll steal their words
to make it worse,
It has been, is, and always will be true
I love you

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