“How To Lose Your Virginity”

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Film Info: http://www.trixiefilms.com
Blog: http://theamericanvirgin.blogspot.com

documentary-in-progress by Therese Shechter, director of the
award-winning and provocative I WAS A TEENAGE FEMINIST.

Spiritual, titillating, amusing, profitable, ruled by myths,
dogma and misconceptions, female virginity is something our
culture cares deeply about.

Doing for virginity what her previous film did for feminism,
Therese asks: What is virginity? Who gets to define it?
Why do we care so much about it? Does it even exist?

The film connects the dots between the Christian
abstinence-till marriage movement, coming-of-age films,
fathers-of-the-bride, the booming field of hymen restoration
surgery, the ironic fantasy of ‘virgin’ porn, and the biblical
stories of Eve and Mary.

Linked together by Therese’s distinctive sense of humor,
interviews with experts and everyday Americans, and a
kaleidoscope of pop culture moments, the film challenges
attitudes towards virginity and female sexuality.

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