“Feminist Art Series” Artist Profile: Rebecca Goldings

This is the first installment of  Paradigm Shift’s Feminist Art Series, which will showcase up-and-coming visual designers whose work creates innovative ways to speak to the everyday feminist.

Please welcome Rebecca Goldings, our premiere Artist Profile!

Rebecca is an artist and mediamaker from Dallas whom I met a few summers back when the two of us were interning at a nonprofit arts organization. Being a fellow Texan and NYU attendee, we soon hit it off — and I knew once the PShift blog was up and running that we had to feature some of her amazing work.

Though Rebecca’s focus is multimedia art production, her portfolio also features several drawings that capture her vibrant, honest and unsettling perception of gender norms. Below are two examples of her work: “Barbie on a Leash” and “Sweetheart” (series) – both of which might be best described as resembling pop art with a twist.

Barbie On A Leash

Barbie On A Leash

Sweethearts (series)

Sweethearts (series)

Rebecca’s photography is also incredibly provocative, but you’ll have to check that out on her web site at www.rebeccagoldings.com, since we haven’t gotten clearance to post her photographs on our blog yet (C’mon, R!).  *** Staff Pick: “Another Hairy Thing With Lips”.

Of her many accolades, Rebecca was recently  selected as a 2009-10 Artist Fellow at The Drisha Institute for Jewish Education. In her spare time, she freelances web and graphic design, which you can also check out online (link above).

For price requests or questions about Rebecca’s work, please contact her by email at rgoldings@gmail.com.

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