“Tapologo” Trailer

Description from http://www.hrw.org/en/iff/tapologo:
“Freedom Park squatter camp, situated in the Northwest province, accommodates a migrant workforce that mines the world’s largest single source of platinum. The women in this community service the needs of the male miners as a means of basic survival. A group of former sex workers living with HIV have created a network called Tapologo and have learnt to be home-based care-workers, joining in solidarity to care for others in the community living with HIV. As we learn each woman’s story, we come to understand how she herself was transformed—from someone who had lost hope into someone who decided to help others in the same situation.”

Filmmaker: Sally Gutierrez Dewar

Viewer Feedback
These women worked together to rise above their circumstances. Are women stronger in numbers than alone? What does this film say about the importance of the feminist movement and finding sisterhood?

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