Out in the Silence

Description from GRITtv:
“It’s popular on the right wing radio dial to pretend that homosexuality is something happening in San Francisco and other big city enclaves, but this week’s Got Doc is about the love, and hate, of small towns. When filmmaker Joe Wilson announced that he was going to marry another man, his small Pennsylvania hometown erupted. But beneath the controversy, a mother reached out to him about help with her teenage son coming out of the closet. A film is coming out of this experience, “Out In The Silence”, and the early buzz is overwhelmingly positive.”

Viewer Feedback:
The boy in this film talks a lot about how he was perceived by his peers before and after he came out of the closet: he went from being respected to being harassed in a short time. However, high school homophobia is not found only in small towns. An increasing number of LGBT and ally groups are being founded in high schools to combat this problem, but what can be done in high schools small and conservative enough that efforts to found LGBT and ally groups are shut down? According to polls and surveys, each generation seems to be increasingly accepting of LGBT individuals, is this an issue that can be waited out? What is at stake if waiting is the only course of action pursued?

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