Saturday March 10th Celebrate International Women’s Day in NYC!

Celebrate International Women’s Day March 10! NYC

Saturday March 10th
Celebrate International Women’s Day!

End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women!

Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!

Fight for the Emancipation of Women All Over the World!

Read the call to action that started this whole campaign

NYC Plan
12:00 Noon
Protest and March against sites of women’s oppression!

Fifth Avenue between 50-51st Streets:
The Catholic Church’s approach to women, gender, science and sexuality is a Dark Ages disaster! The Pope has condemned condoms (causing millions of HIV/AIDs deaths). The Church condemns homosexuality and insists that “divorce is a sin” (contributing to women staying in abusive marriages). Recently, Catholic Bishops urged “non-compliance” with new regulations requiring health insurance to cover birth control!

Protest the objectification of women! Women’s near-naked and rail-thin bodies are used to sell everything from clothes to cars to “American culture” to the entire world.
Protest the US Military Recruiting Center! Protest the US military’s quasi-official reliance on brothels as a “perk” to male soldiers; the role of military forces in trafficking women & girls; and the epidemic of rape, harassment and violence against female soldiers.

MARCH to and PROTEST STRIP CLUBS in the area!
U.S. men spend an estimated $15 billion a year on strip clubs, as compared to $4 billion on baseball. Strip clubs have always objectified & degraded women.  But as women have entered – and fought for increasing respect in – the public sphere, strip clubs have become an enclave for sexism and male entitlement towards women’s bodies.  Further, strip clubs prey upon the desperation, abuse and addiction of many women, including trafficked women.

ALONG THE WAY: Protest “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” & Celebrate Abortion Provider Appreciation Day:
Crisis Pregnancy Centers are fake “clinics.”  They are driven by an anti-abortion agenda, often have no clinical staff, spread lies, guilt-trip women and enormously delay and complicate women’s ability to access abortion.

In contrast, we’ll celebrate abortion providers because March 10th is Abortion Provider Appreciation Day!


If anything in this flier resonated with you… If you care about the conditions of women… If you want to do something that can really make a huge difference – not only for yourself, but for women (and all people) worldwide and for future generations…


3 things you can do right away:
1. Invite us into your class, club or dorm.
2. Spread this call to action on Facebook and Twitter.
3. Distribute this flier everywhere/anywhere you go.

Organize actions on March 10th to Stop Patriarchy! Email us at or submit your action via tumblr to post them here.

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