News Flash for NYC Women: Your Health is Important – But Live A Little!

Doctors Susan Love and Alice Domar Distinguish Between the Serious, the Silly and the Superfluous in Women’s Health

January 31st at 8:15 pm: The 92nd Street Y

TICKETS/INFO | | 212.415.5500 | 1395 Lexington Ave.

PRESS CONTACT | Andrew Sherman | | 212.415.5693

New York, NY— Jan. 7, 2011— What are the three ‘must-do’s for breast cancer prevention? Can an old, irritating friend actually be bad for your health – and if so, what do you do about it?  How crucial to your health and happiness is eight hours of un-interrupted sleep?

Doctors Susan Love and Alice Domar, co-authors of Live a Little! Breaking the Rules Won’t Break Your Health, have a message for you: Don’t sweat the small stuff. On Monday, January 31 at 8:15 pm at 92nd Street Y, Drs. Love and Domar help women manage top-of-mind, everyday health concerns, and give them some tips on how to do it without getting even more stressed out. First on the list?  Balancing career, family and exercise when you only have 16 hours a day (if you’re getting those eight hours of sleep, that is).  Also on the agenda: the inescapable companion to modern life – stress – and whether it can actually serve you well (or not).  And, with a peek in the pantry, they talk about importance of berries (and other anti-oxidants) on your shopping list, even in an era belt-tightening.

Dr. Love, author of the famous Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book (De Capo Press, now in its fifth edition), also looks at breast cancer and what’s changed since the book first came out in 1990, including: breast cancer awareness campaigns (and whether they have been successful); the possibility of a preventative vaccine on the horizon; and how to know the difference between an “interesting” media report on breast cancer and an important one.

Elizabeth Browning, CEO of, a social network focused on health issues and information (founded by Dr. Love and Dr. Nancy Snyderman), moderates the discussion.

Following the talk, Drs. Love and Domar will sign books (which will be on sale at the event).

More About the Speakers

Dr. Susan Love is a professor of surgery at UCLA and President and Medical Director of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. She’s a founder of the National Breast Cancer Coalition; and she was appointed to the National Cancer Advisory Board by President Clinton.  The fifth edition of her book, Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book, came out in Sept. 2010.

Dr. Domar, a pioneer in the application of mind/body medicine to men’s and women’s health issues, is the executive director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health. She’s also a Harvard Medical School professor and a psychologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

About 92nd Street Y

92nd Street Y’s unique fusion of community and culture makes it the only place of its kind in the world. 92Y is a not-for-profit community center, performance stage and lecture hall; a literary salon and home for artists; a school, outreach organization and summer camp; a gym, a residence and more. 92nd Street Y, a proudly Jewish institution since its inception in 1874, has become a community of communities, welcoming people of all ages, races, faiths and backgrounds. Now serving more than 300,000 people each year in its New York facilities, 92Y also reaches millions of “virtual” guests around the world through its website, satellite broadcasts and other electronic media.  Committed to making its programs available to everyone, 92nd Street Y awards nearly $1 million in scholarships annually and reaches about 7500 public school children through subsidized arts and science education programs.  For more information, please visit

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