Nominate Paradigm Shift as “Top-Rated Women’s Empowerment Non-profits”- Sponsored by WMC

Nominate Paradigm Shift as Top-Rated Women’s Empowerment Nonprofits!  How has Paradigm Shift impacted you?  Click here to nominate and support our efforts.  Deadline May 31, 2010 (we need at least 10 nominations- let’s hear from you!).

This month, Women’s Media Center is excited to be counted as a partner with the Women’s Empowerment Campaign! Run, the Campaign also includes Kiva, the Anita Borg Institute for Women and TechnologyWomen’s News Network, andWomen’s Philanthropy – Women’s Issues. Throughout May, the campaign aims to identify top-rated nonprofits focusing on women’s issues, working like the Yelp or Tripadvisor of nonprofits. Any group getting ten positive reviews will be recognized on our Top-Rated Women’s Empowerment Nonprofits List published at the end of the campaign.

So what can you do? Visit the campaign and tell us about YOUR experience — how are these organizations having an impact? Your participation in this campaign helps identify the nonprofits that are making a difference for women. Nonprofits and community members will be able to interact and engage directly, helping organizations learn more about becoming more effective and useful resources.

Make sure you take a quick moment to rate the Women’s Media Center and write a review.  Share your experiences and let us know why you support the WMC!

This month, tell your story, and help bring out the best in women’s nonprofits!


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